Case Studies

Forget Me Not

Forget – Me – Not

One very late night in March this year, I received a telephone call from a North West London Council Estate; a cat was giving birth under some bushes.  She was discovered at 7 p.m. when the first kitten was born … Continue reading

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

One Easter Sunday, some years ago, I received a call from an elderly woman who, early each morning, long before people were out and about, was feeding a colony of neutered feral cats. Some weeks ago, a ginger cat had … Continue reading

Beautiful Jasmine

Jasmine’s Story

I got the call about a heavily pregnant cat (Jasmine) just as my colleague Margaret and I were dashing to a vet’s appointment. It sounded very urgent and I suggested to the caller that we would come immediately after our … Continue reading

Benson and Chester

The Bonfire Kittens

Remember, remember the 5th of November……. The story of the rescue of Benson and Chester is by no means new; in fact, it appeared in one of our newsletters way back in 1993.  However, the lessons learned from their rescue … Continue reading


When the dust settles

How a lost cat was guided home with the help of carpet dust… Mia was first rescued a year ago, when she was found abandoned in a garden in Doncaster, crying loudly because she was in labour and had nowhere … Continue reading

La Gruta de la Virgen, Ecuador

Safe Haven

A feral cat found a perfect hideout when she gave birth to three kittens in a shrine “La Gruta de la Virgen” at The British School of Quito in Ecuador. The outlook is poor for feral cats in this country … Continue reading

Beautiful kittens Lulu, Eliza, George and Babs are lucky to be alive

Lucky Little Eastenders

Lulu, Eliza, George and Babs are very lucky kittens indeed. We rescued their heavily pregnant mother from a street in East London on 1st November last year. Removed during a storm and the frightening noise of fireworks, she gave birth … Continue reading


The Three Little Kittens

The story of how three premature kittens were handreared and successfully rehomed Continue reading