Trustees Statement Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 Cat Action Trust 1977 has implemented extra precautions to keep our cats and our volunteers safe.  We will continue to provide the very best for the cats in our care and will carry on with our feral cat work as much as possible.

Many of the larger charities have closed their shelters to the public.  This will no doubt put any smaller rescues under pressure.  CAT77 is a small rescue and we usually operate at full capacity for much of the year.

Some of our volunteers fall into the ‘high risk’ category so they will be requested to minimise their contact with the public.  In some cases, rehoming may be suspended and we may put in place extra measures to mitigate unnecessary contact. This will mean that some activities could be put on hold until further notice.

If you require us to help with a stray or feral cat and you have had recent contact with any person showing signs of COVID-19 we respectfully request that you do not visit our branches in person.

PLEASE NOTE:  Recent government statements have been clear in that domestic pets are unable to catch, or transmit, Coronavirus to humans.  There is no reason to rehome your cat if you have contracted the virus.  CAT77 is set up as a feral cat rescue – we do not normally carry out the rehoming of pet cats. 

21st March 2020

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