Cat Care & Advice

Why We Have Our Cats Neutered

Why should I have my tomcat neutered? He won’t have kittens… But he will! Continue reading

Neutering is the answer to the feral cat problem

Highlighting the importance of neutering feral cats, to control breeding and the formation of feral cat colonies Continue reading

Caring for a feral mother cat and her kittens

In depth advice about how to care for a feral mother cat and her offspring Continue reading

Feral or domestic? – That is the question

What are feral cats? They are the offspring of lost or abandoned domestic cats living wild Continue reading

Dangers in the House

Here we list some of the many dangers that your cat may face inside the home. Never leave a running or full bath unattended. Cats have been drowned or scalded in hot water. Toilet lids ought to be kept down. … Continue reading

My cat is lost! What should I do?

What to do if your cat goes missing Continue reading

Taming Feral Kittens

A step by step guide to taming feral kittens Continue reading

Hand-rearing Kittens

Learn some basic information on hand-rearing kittens Continue reading

A Veterinary View On Ear-Tipping

Vet Katie Whitcombe explains about the practice of ear-tipping feral cats Continue reading

To Feed or Not to Feed…

Some advice on what to do if you see a new cat in your garden Continue reading