Monthly Archives: May 2012

When the dust settles

How a lost cat was guided home with the help of carpet dust… Mia was first rescued a year ago, when she was found abandoned in a garden in Doncaster, crying loudly because she was in labour and had nowhere … Continue reading

Safe Haven

A feral cat found a perfect hideout when she gave birth to three kittens in a shrine “La Gruta de la Virgen” at The British School of Quito in Ecuador. The outlook is poor for feral cats in this country … Continue reading

Lucky Little Eastenders

Lulu, Eliza, George and Babs are very lucky kittens indeed. We rescued their heavily pregnant mother from a street in East London on 1st November last year. Removed during a storm and the frightening noise of fireworks, she gave birth … Continue reading

My cat is lost! What should I do?

What to do if your cat goes missing Continue reading